A lot of deaths from friends’ families happening the past week:

  • Mama Lety Rivera, mother of Tita Lily Perez and lola of Angel and Carol
  • Tito Ruben Moriones, father of RJ
  • Tita Julie Curiano, mother of Jacque

Also, Apung Fe Vizda, sister of Apung Paz died on my birthday. Apung Fe became so dear to me coz during Mom’s last night, she insisted to stay to be with Mommy for the last time. It was her way of saying thank you for taking care of her when she was sick. I love you Apu. Say hi to Mommy for me. And send my kisses and hugs to her.

*   *   *

A few weeks ago, we attended a recollection wherein one of the topic is CO-NATURALITY. It’s about Jesus becoming one of us instead of being one with us; experiencing the same things we do experience, going through life the same way we do. So that He’ll know how it feels to be human.

And the experience becomes more personal.

Just like my friends’ families. I can say that I know what they feel, how they feel. Those questions left unanswered. Those unguarded moments when you cry. Those lingering last thoughts with the one you have lost.

I have experienced them… first hand. Been there, done that. It wasn’t easy. Pero kaya.

Co-naturality. Being one of them. The death, the mourning and those days when you can’t bear the loss. Yes, I am being one of them. And because I have been in the same shoes as before, I know what to do, what to react, what to pray for. The tragedy becoming beauty because it is transformed into love.

Thank you Lord for the experience. For allowing me to be one of my friends experiencing the pain of loss right now. Thank you because through your grace, I have overcome, and may this be an inspiration for them that they too, will also overcome. Only through your grace. only by your grace.

Eternal rest grant the souls of Mama Lety, Tito Ruben, Tita Julie and Lola Fe, Oh Lord. And let the perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. AMEN.

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