Wonder parents to a wonder child.

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Today, Maria’s supposed to go home after 14 days of hospitalization for mild pneumonia. She’s the 4th baby of my good friends and co-missionaries, Xavy and Des Padilla. Maria is 24 days old and was born during my birthday (fyi, ;p) But I received a text message from Kuya Xavy this morning that Maria still need to stay one more week in the hospital to fully recover, since she still has signs of pneumonia.

Poor baby. She was born weeks earlier than scheduled and now, with her tiny body, barely a month old, is already experiencing suffering. But despite of being in the hospital for that long, Maria is very much improving, getting chubbier, pinkier and more cute as days go by.

And it’s because of the great love that her parents give her. Everyday since day 1, Kuya Xavy brings Ate Des to the hospital at 6am, to breastfeed Maria for the whole day and goes home at night to rest.

You can imagine how tiring it is for them! Plus the hospital bills, gas expense, emotional stress they are going through right now. But never did I hear them questioned the Lord. They may be down at times, but their faith is getting much stronger and love getting even bigger everyday.

Wonder parents. Yes, that’s who they are. And I honor Kuya Xavy and Ate Des for enduring such a difficult time in their family life with much faith, love and joy in their hearts. Be assured that your family will always be in my prayers. You are an inspiration.

The wonder family. Amazing.
The wonder family. Thank God for them!

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