Giving up the comforts for a greater call

the next FLiQ-er

the next FLiQ-er

I started my ‘official’ day as a FLiQ-er last March 3. It was a long and painful discernment that I had to go through – from being a Missionary for kids to become a Missionary through Media. It is an entirely different world in FLiQ- office hours, technical stuff, people evangelizing through one click and I don’t even know how to do what they’re doing; good (or scary?) Thing is that I’m assigned to Marketing – which is way too big and new for me! And I’m all alone doing it! (Oh well, my boss is with me… But then, he’s THE boss! Haha)

As I discerned for this new assignment, I know that I need to give up something which is closest to my heart: Mission trips. I really battled with the Lord ever since I started receiving the call to move. Being a FLiQ-er means staying in the office than going out. I’m not an 8-5 person (ok, 10-5 for us). But since my only desire and prayer is to follow the Lord, then even if I have to give up some things for something better, to follow His call for me, then so be it.

I still pray that I may be able to go out on local and foreign missions even in my new assignment. I know that this call is the answer to my prayer of doing more and being more for the Lord. I am still trying to find my way in the system; but things will fall in its proper place in time. In God’s time.

But for now, I’ll try to revamp my whole image to fit my job description. Uh-oh. All for the Lord! =)))


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