Happy birthday Mersh!


I love calling you that. MERSH. Sounds weird talaga. But that’s how our partnership and friendship is. And I love our weirdness.

I can say that you are one of the best ‘guy’ partners that I ever had. Relationship before work. You taught me how to be a sister; how to submit to a brother. The spontaneous food trips, chismisan, and fun times we loved to do. Thank you Mersh for the transparency that you always show me, for the trust and love as a brother and a friend, for sharing your family with me and most especially for showing Jesus to me through your stories, convictions, experiences and how you serve Him.

I miss our partnership. But I am blessed that our friendship goes beyond that. And I pray that the Lord will continue to be real in your life, to manifest in your everyday circumstances and continue to mold you to the best man you ought to be. Mersh, greater things are in store for all of us. Let’s just hang on to God’s promise and love and may these be our stronghold as we continue to serve Him. Love you Mersh, at alam mo na kung ano pa ang mga wishes ko sa iyo na di pwede isulat dito. I’m just here, ‘ya know. =p Praying for you, your family and Ma always. Go, Mersh! Go, KFL Metro Manila!



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