When misery and mercy meet

Yesterday’s gospel was about the woman who was caught in adultery and people were trying to stone her to death. Despite of her sinfulness, Jesus did not condemn her. He sent her away and told her not to sin anymore.

It is misery meets mercy. The misery of the woman –  because of her sinfulness, people had condemned her and maybe she saw that it was already her end. But the mercy of God came – just before people started throwing stones at her. It came in the right time.

Misery and mercy. Two strong words, opposite in meaning and yet, in this story, it connects and blended well together.

I was in the shoes of the woman many times in my life and last Friday was the recent. The feeling of unworthiness, of hurting yourself and the Lord because of your sin, the deep sorrow you were experiencing… Sin eats the joy in you, robs the grace given to you and ruins the wonderful life ahead of you. And that was what I felt that time. The condemnation did not come from others but from myself. All my insecurities, doubts and fears surfaced. Because of sin, I felt that I cut the string between me and the Lord.

But His mercy was, is and will always be my saving grace. I was able to go to confession and had a good one. Thank God for the Sacrament, I was able to unload my sorrow and guilt brought by sin, and able to go back to God again. Just when I thought that things were a little hopeless, grace came. God came.

I came out of the confessional box feeling re-made again. As if I was a new person, ready to face the world again. All the demons in me were vanished because of grace. Yes, purely by grace. I felt so loved and blessed by the Lord. If not for the Sacrament, I may have drown myself into my insecurities and self-condemnation. Thank God for the mercy shown to me and the unconditional love given to me.

Lord, talo na pero naipanalo mo pa. Salamat po!

*Special thanks to Lee-An for accompanying me to this grace-full moment. God bless you!

We are all saints in the making!



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