Getting ready for the new life!


Since I slept all day (coz was sick) and I am fully alive at this hour, I decided to clean the files of my laptop.

And it brought me back too many memories.

Pictures that I thought I’ve already lost, that i shouldn’t have and that I kept for so long. Files that I need to erase and to pass on. And old memories that I have to give up to give way to new ones to come.

*   *   *

I was erasing the folders in my KFL folder so I could finally turn-over the necessary ones to the team, when I came across the KFL Magazine and Website folder. One by one, I opened the files and I was filled with much memories when we did the Peanut Butter Magazine – how it was just an idea that became true and even nominated to CMMA (read it here!) It was one of those projects that the Lord allowed me to dream BIG for Him, and to really stretch myself to what else I can do for the Lord.

*   *   *

Looking at my files, I realized that it took almost half of my laptop’s memory. And now that I am going to delete it in a few hours (after I finished sorting it out), it will be no turning back. It will mean that it is just part of who I am right now and better things are yet to come waiting for me. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna miss all these files and memories that I’ve been with for the past 4 years. And I thank God for every moment for it made me the person and missionary that I am.

I know that the future is still uncertain. I am in the studying/training process of my new work. And yet, I am very excited and looking forward for the many things that God has in store for me, for us, the FLiQ team. I have decided to let go of the things that holding me back on how I can be at my best for the Lord, and embracing the new life He has for me now. It took me a while to realize this,  but thank you Lord for speaking to me.

My mantra as I do my new task. Be with me Lord!
My mantra as I do my new task. Be with me Lord!

In this new task Oh lord, I pray, that you may use me as powerful and as effective as you have used me before. It is You whom I followed to where I am right now, and I am confident that I am with you in this new journey. So be it Lord. Amen.



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