An experience like no other

excited for JMJ 2013!
World Youth Day 2011 MADRID!

It has always been a dream for me to go to a World Youth Day, ever since my sister went home from her WYD experience in 1995. The joy and experiences she had brought in our home that time, planted a desire in my heart that someday, in God’s perfect timing, I will also attend a WYD.

That is why, it was really a dream and prayer came true when we were given the opportunity to go to WYD 2011! I thank the Lord for His bountiful grace that we were able to attend the WYD 2011. It is through the generous hearts of family and friends that I was able to fly to Madrid and experience the Lord BIG TIME – through the culture, the language, the different people I met who had the same passion and love for the Church – yes, God allowed me to see and feel Him through all of these. My whole life has been extra blessed ever since! I fell more in love with the Lord and the Catholic Church; I was able to deepen my old relationships and built new ones; and my passion to serve the Lord and tell others about Him increased even more! There, I was able to pray for the people who needed God in their lives and also received answer to some of my prayers; the Lord spoke to me of His plans and promises for me and my loved ones; and allowed me to dream more, pray more and be more for Him!

This July, I am claiming to go again to WYD 2013 in Brazil! I look forward in attending this WYD because as Catholics, we are celebrating the Year of Faith and we’re going to welcome our new Holy Father  – Pope Francis! A very holy experience indeed! And aside from that, I will also go there for three reasons:

  • As a PILGRIM – to increase my faith; to pray and experience God through the different people I am going to meet; and to know His plans for my personal and missionary life
fulfilling also my Mom's dream to go to Fatima... only through God's grace!
fulfilling also my Mom’s dream to go to Fatima… only through God’s grace!
  • As a MISSIONARY –  to share my faith journey; to be equipped in facing the culture of death eating our generation today; and to share our community’s charism to my co-pilgrims
Thank you Lord for the opportunity to share You!
Thank you Lord for the opportunity to share You!
  • As a VOLUNTEER – it is a great blessing to be chosen as part of this WYD’s volunteer group. This is my way to thank the Lord for His goodness in my life and the people I love by serving the Church and His beloved people; and hopefully, have an audience with the Pope.
with WYD 2011 volunteers... an answered prayer!
with WYD 2011 volunteers… an answered prayer!

At this very moment, I still do not have enough money for my plane fare, but I know it will come…  on time. I know that my loving Father God who did wonders for me in Madrid will do MORE wonders for me in Brazil! More than me being blessed by the Lord, I pray that through the experiences I will have in WYD 2013, may I become God’s blessing and messenger of love to the people who needs Him most. I hold on to His promise. Faith works wonders! 🙂

Your financial help will go a long way! Click this link to know how! May God bless your generous hearts!

Just click the picture to know how! :)
Just click the picture to know how! 🙂

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