Today, Mommy should have celebrated her 60th birthday. I remember us planning this day when I was confined in the hospital in 2009. She wanted everyone to be there – relatives, classmates, friends, household, ka-sisters and ka-brothers… the list was never-ending! She wanted to do it in our house and I was telling her that there would not be enough space for everyone. “Eh di pasara natin yung daan” was all her reply.

*   *   *

I woke up early today feeling excited for Mom’s 60th. If she was still here, I bet, she would have been awake since dawn and busy texting her kumares and kumpares to thank them for their love for her and invite them to our house. But since that won’t be happening, I just cooked spaghetti for us and packed some for our merienda when we visit her in Pampanga in the afternoon.

It was just my dad, my siblings and niece who were supposed to be Mom’s visitors today, but her aunt and 2 cousins, plus the carpenters went as well. So, with the little spaghetti and bread that my sister brought, we shared these altogether and enjoyed each other’s company while reminiscing Mom’s memories. After we prayed, we went ahead to our cousin’s wedding dinner party.

All the while, we thought that it was just a small dinner with only us as their visitors. but we were surprised to see that they rented a function hall with at least 100 guests and an eat-all-you-can Kapampangan and Japanese buffet! What a treat! And while eating, I told my Ate, “this is how Mommy would like to celebrate her 60th if she is still here”. Tama nga, my sister agreed.

*   *   *

As I ponder today’s events, I realized that there will always be something greater to anything that we have planned or dreamed of. That things will always BE ENOUGH for all our needs. And that love begins at home, with our families. These realizations made me more grateful to God who allowed me to reflect on these. 🙂

Mom, it was supposed to be your 60th. But even if you’re not here to celebrate it with us, we still continue to thank the Lord for the life you lead and this is our greatest reason why we never stopped celebrating your birthday – a reminder for us of your love and passion for life and for the Lord. Thank you Mom for this day. And thank you God for my Mommy and my family.

And congratulations to the newlyweds, Kuya John and Ate Mira Arceo! Isa lang masasabi ko…. FINALLY! 🙂

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