LOVE found me in Rio!


That’s how I can describe my World Youth Day experience in Brazil. I am found by LOVE again in Rio.



Love for Latin America.

My first mission area was this continent where I fell in love with the missionary life. And in Rio, I fell in love again with the Latinos – their passion for life and fire in their faith! Very contagious!



Love for service.

I went to Rio as a WYD volunteer. Being of service to the pilgrims is my way of thanksgiving to God for the wonderful life and transformation He did to me after WYD Madrid. To stand for more than 6 hours during shift, be on call always when in need, missing other activities just to go to your shift and always on your positive side after a long day… the service for others made me less think of myself so I can share Christ more.


Love for the Catholic Church.

The universality of our faith was very evident with the different cultures coming together to celebrate God’s love and faithfulness in our lives! Worshipping in different languages but to one God! Seeing the Pope, able to be of service to the Cardinals and share stories of faith from different cultures and organizations. It affirmed me that no matter where you are, whatever language you speak, we all speak the same language of love from God shared in our love for others.

These “loves” allowed me to experience God in a different way. Being apart from our group and literally doing this journey alone with strangers was scary at first; but along the journey, it allowed me to see God’s hand working in big and small ways, affirming me that this backpacker adventure with Him is all about renewing my passion to serve and deepening my love story with my only love – Jesus Christ!

It is a one heck of an adventure that I will never forget, and hoping that the lessons and experience will be translated in my own life  – so that others may also experience the love of Jesus the way I did.

“Everything is possible for one who has faith.” (Mk.9:23)


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