YOU will find ME.

It was just after the JMJ Rio opening mass. My two friends (a Singaporean and a Timorese) already found their flags and had a group picture with their people. We were on our way home and was wondering how can I be able to see the CFC YFL and CFC SFL sub-groups among these 3 million crowd. It’s already late, and people are in a hurry to go home. I said a prayer of hope to see them. I didn’t know how or would that be possible. But the Lord knows the deepest desires of our hearts. Just when we were going out of Copacabana, I saw Joy Aguila behind a tree. I blinked thrice to see if it’s them. I went towards their group; so happy to see them after a week in a strange new land! Praise God for them!

I thought that was it. After all the fun and drama with the CFC YFL sub-group, we headed to the Metro station to go home. While walking, I heard a familiar voice giving instructions in Tagalog… then I saw Jermer Cruz and the CFC SFL sub-group walking hurriedly! It was just a “hi-hello-ingat-happy to see you” moment for us! But still, the Lord allowed us to see each other! 3 million people. Who has ever thought that you will find your friends among these sea of people without contact or technology helping you? Only through and by God that it became possible.

And if this is possible, I know that among the hundreds of people in my life and billions of people in the world… HE will also find me – in God, asking Him the direction to me! ❤


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