Thank God for allowing me to meet Him, changed by Him and serve Him through this community. And i'm pretty sure that there are more people who experienced the same way I did. Wanna know why? Join us and celebrate God's goodness in our lives... and yours too! See you there!


A breath of fresh air.

Sometimes, life gets too crowded with a long list of things to do, on top of your other issues and personal concerns. And when this happens, you (might) tend to lose yourself in the process. So, I met up with my best friend and pour my heart out. Just what I needed to do. To …


Today, Mommy should have celebrated her 60th birthday. I remember us planning this day when I was confined in the hospital in 2009. She wanted everyone to be there - relatives, classmates, friends, household, ka-sisters and ka-brothers... the list was never-ending! She wanted to do it in our house and I was telling her that …