Life is so short.


It has been 5 days since we rushed my uncle to the ICU. I am assigned as the night shift watcher while my dad and auntie are the day shifters. Before the stroke, my uncle was even doing his laundry while taking his bet for the lottery. No symptoms of any sickness. It was one of those ordinary days.

During his first night, he stayed in the ER and we have witnessed 2 deaths already – a suicide in the morning and a heart attack in the evening. Then, a while ago, while a family was feeding their patient, she just stopped breathing. And now dead.

What do these say? Life is short. We’ll never know when or how we will die. I guess we just have to prepare ourselves. How? By living an amazing life. With no regrets. So when God calls us to go back to Him, we’re ready to leave the world to be with Him.

So much for a first entry of the year. Haha

Happy feast day to the saint who always made me sing everyday! I love you St. Joseph!


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